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I am so glad I discovered Lena. Her professional manner and great personality make it a pleasure each and every time. She is thorough in her attention to everything she does. Her work is always perfect and I come away feeling great. She runs a meticulously clean and welcoming place. The individual nature is very relaxing. I think the trip from DC to Herndon is worth the drive. - Andy S.

I first went to Lena over 10 years ago when I needed someone to do my nails.  I was busy working and need an affordable manicurist.  Lena introduced me to a particular type of gel nails that are safe and lasts for 3 weeks.  I continue to get compliments on my nails as they always look like they were just done even when I am on my 3 week refill.  After Lena started offering skin care, I decided to give her a try.  I was going to Elizabeth Arden but looking for an more affordable alternative.  I soon discovered that Lena was as knowledgeable and helpful with my skincare as Elizabeth Arden for half of the price. I highly recommend Lena for anyone who is looking for a full service, reasonably priced, and very flexible and friendly person to always make sure you look your best with nails and skin.

-Judy H.

Lena is wonderful!  I was looking for a professional, high-quality, clean salon for a non-toxic gel manicure.  Lena provides that and more!  Her manicures are beautiful and she uses Alessandro gel from Germany which is an excellent product.  While Lena is very professional, she is also caring and fun and treats you like family.  She has a private room and provides other services too.  I recently had a facial with her which was fabulous.

-Mariah G.

I met Lena in 2008 when she was doing manis and pedis in a salon in Great Falls. Through the years, I, along with her Great Falls clients, have stayed with her through the years and regard her as an ultimate professional in her field. Watching Lena beautifying you is like watching an artist perfecting a work of art. Additionally she is extremely neat and hygienic which is very important when working on skin and nails. She had since gone to Beauty school and obtained her esthetician's license.  She is now a proprietress of her cozy one-stop beauty salon where you can have everything done to look fancy. Gel, shellac, pedicure, facial, brow tinting/ plucking/ waxing, eyelash extensions... Lena does it all. Check Lena out...  You will never again settle for less.

-Kathy J.

I have been a nail client of Lena's for over 10 years because she is extremely clean and thorough.  When she added skin care to her offering, I started with facials.  I have been extremely pleased with her product offering.  It is very natural and not harsh on my skin.  My skin looks and feels so much better.  She is quite good at giving facials (I use the anti-aging and oxygen enriched) and I always leave feeling relaxed and refreshed.  I highly recommend Lena's services.

-Megan S.

I have been going to Lena for over 10 years.  She uses the highest quality nail products and keeps an extremely clean nail and skin salon.  She does an absolutely fantastic job and I love my gels, the French gels look so nature and are extremely strong.

-Michelle B.

I have been going to Lena for Gel Nail treatments for nearly 15 years.  Her work is of the highest quality and standards, and I recommend her without reservation!  She also does skin care, and I now see her for facials on a regular basis.  Lena is the best!

-Sheree L.

Lena has been taking care of my nails for 19 years and I would not go anywhere else.  I have followed her from her early career moving to different salons until she opened her own business.  Now that I have moved further away, I will still drive the hour to see Lena.  (I would not let anyone else do my nails now.)  She is that good!  Lena is a true professional and takes great pride in her work.  Her attention to detail is unmatched.  She will only use top quality products to ensure the best results.  Also you won't find a cleaner place to have your nails done.  If all that doesn't convince you to give Lena a try, then how about the fact that she is one of the nicest people you will ever meet.  Her genuine concern for her clients is second to none.  So let yourself be pampered by Lena.  You won't be disappointed.

-Christine C.

Lena does it all much, much better. I have had facials in the best salons in the country and none can approach the quality of Lena's anti-aging and oxygen facials. Her pedicures and manicures cannot be matched. She uses the best products (love those Alessandro nail gels) and takes the time to make her clients feel special. I cannot recommend Lena enough for facials, manicures, pedicures, waxing and lash treatment.

-Donna S.

I have been using "Lena" of Lena's Nail and Skin Care exclusively for over 14 years. Even though I have moved away from the Great Falls / Reston area and now live near Alexandria, it is worth it to me to make the drive and have Lena do her magic on my nails. I take my Mom over too and any guests we have in town. They are always impressed! Lena is one of the few nail technicians in the country who uses a special gel from Germany known as Alessandro that is non toxic, lasts for weeks, and looks fabulous! I was amazed at the compliments I would get on my nails even from cashiers in the stores! Lena is so detailed and customer service oriented, and uses all sterilized tools and sanitary procedures. Her nail station and pedicure area are immaculate. Lena is always professional, a perfectionist and simply a delight to be around. She goes above and beyond to ensure you feel pampered, beautiful and absolutely thrilled with her work. I highly recommend her as providing the absolute best manicure/pedicure services I have ever come across in the Washington D.C. area... or even anywhere else in my travels!

-Kina M.

I highly recommend Lena! I have been going to Lena for 10 years and have never left without a perfect manicure. I will never go anywhere else. She is always accommodating with her schedule, she is punctual, and she just happens to be one of the sweetest people you will ever have the pleasure of knowing. If you have the time to schedule a manicure/pedicure along with one of her facials, then you have just spent the perfect afternoon.

-Ann K.

Lena Nails is the cleanest most professional nail and skin care salon anywhere.  I started going to this salon when I lived in N Virginia and I continue to go to Lena for my mani- pedi and facials even though I now live 3 hours west of Sterling. You will be delighted with your results and Lena is a wonderful person who goes out of her way to make you comfortable.

-Karen P.

Lena' services are the best in town! I go to her for manicure and pedicure. I took my mom to her too. She is wonderful with seniors. She keeps everything very clean and has a separate utensils for every client in a bag. Recently I tried a facial and i got a lot of compliments. I would recommend her to people who appreciate excellence and the individual approach to their needs.

-Anna S.

I have been going to Lena for years.  She is the most meticulous person when it comes to her services.  I go every three weeks for a mani-pedi and also have facials done on occasion.  Lena is a true professional and is worth every penny!  She goes out of her way to make you feel comfortable.  Her salon is very private and extremely clean!

-Susan S.

I have been a client of Lena's for 17 years -- by far the longest relationship I have with any of my usual service providers.  She is just that good! Lena is scrupulously honest, meticulous in her standards of cleanliness and precision, and a truly kind and enjoyable person to be with.  I will be her client for life! I was so happy when Lena went to school to get her aesthetician license because I knew I would now be able to get quality facials in addition to the excellent nail services.  I now get regular facials from Lena and my skin has never looked so good. Lena was able to resolve a recurring problem I had with painful lesions on my back.  I had tried several different prescription lotions from my dermatologist that hadn't helped at all. Lena cured me in one visit by applying a soothing seaweed masque for 20 minutes.  My dermatologist was astonished with the results Lena achieved! I urge you to give Lena a try. Your skin and nails are something very prominent that you show the world every day.  Don't you owe it to yourself to make them the very best that they can be? Lena will do just that for you, and she will become a friend in the process.

-M'Liz R.

Lena's attention to detail and very high standards put her services above most others.  Her new location at Salon Plaza in Sterling is lovely and convenient.  I have been her client for 6 years.  During that time she has changed locations twice and I have followed her both times. Her nail prices may be a bit higher than average but that is because she only uses the best quality products.  I have gel nails and her products don't have any harsh/strong chemical smell like other salons.  Her skin care products are also also very high quality and I love the results. I am very picky about my nail and skin care and I highly recommend Lena for both.

-Joanne T.

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